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Fearful of Missing out?

31 May 2012


Social Media has given us the looking glass into how others are living their lives. We are more aware, than ever before, of what people are doing from career to vacations.

In a recent article I read in Australian Creative Magazine, Angus Hennah explores the most recent report from JWT Intelligence stating that while social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are wonderful for “…facilitating connectedness…”  they too have been proven to also create a “…feeling of meagreness…pronounced as ‘The Fear Of Missing Out’ FOMO. More information of their research can be found here.


I found this article fascinating because “many a time” I have read online about what those around me are up to and have felt a very strong sense of lacking in my own life…To the point that I left facebook for some time, much to the dislike of some close to me. It gave me a chance to work out why I was active on social media. Was it due to an overwhelming need to please? To appear to be interesting? Deep down, no it wasn’t so luckily for me I realised that it was and is my way of connecting with the day to day lives of those dear to me near or far. On the other hand, I too use it for my business. I wanted to also ask myself hard questions like, Am I being authentic? The answer was “not entirely”.  Since then I have re-assessed and now maintain a much healthier social media lifestyle.


Which brings me to this point today.


To help aid that desire to compare my life to those around me and what they are all up to in their day to day lives, I have come ton one resolution, What is success to me? No matter where I am, what I am doing, achieving or NOT achieving I think I have worked out that it is to remain happy…What is yours?