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23 May 2013

Tom Albanese - Rio Tinto

Well my little baby girl is now 8 and half months old and I felt it was time to get back into my creative writing, motherhood certainly has its brain numbing moments! There are only so many nappies I can wash before I desperately head for my camera gear!

Work never really stopped for me. Shortly after Zoe’s birth I felt like giggling. I was like a cheeky school girl, hiding my phone beneath the bed covers when people told me off for checking my emails in hospital.  But I tell you what 5mins every day is a lot more amicable then 2 hours once a week especially when sleep deprivation hits. Although I do not support workaholics, we have to take time to smell the roses, I do like to keep on top of a few things and emails are definitely one of those things!

In between my daughter’s  nappy changes, swim classes and singalongs, I have had some time to reflect on so many highlights in my photographic career so far. And knowing that this is just the beginning!

For instance, my inner child was in her element when I was taken into the second largest loader in the world driven by Rubin the passionate Maori and father of 4 girls.  I will NEVER forget for his fun spirit!


Travelling 1km underground in a Nickel Mine, was also an amazing experience and, let’s just say, that pregnancy doesn’t have to hold you back when it comes to exploring the depths of the earth…quite literally!





Then I was asked to photograph a fantastic Home Interior, designed by the late architect Iwan Iwanoff, for Scoop Publishing and I walked out of there wishing I had my own disco ball at home!



But as I hit the 8 month mark in my pregnancy I was asked specifically to take photographs of Tom Alabanese, then the chief executive officer and a board member of the Rio Tinto Group. Now that was another highlight. He definitely smiled when he saw my pregnant bellie. It was an obvious sign that I wasn’t just some paparazzi and a genuine contractor to Rio Tinto Iron Ore.




But, all my photo shoots aside, there is nothing better than photographing my own little girl. She has already taught me so much and, as so many people keep telling me, I am sure that will never end! Such simple things please me now. Just being able to have a coffee in the morning with my husband, makes my day.

Here’s to a life of image creation and may I always make time to sing and dance with my little Zoe.