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Getting back to Kindergarten

25 November 2013

Architecture Photographer Perth

Well this commercial interior really “takes the cake” when speaking about colour, fun and unique design. Let’s just say I was totally immersed in the space and was quite happy to continue shooting, even my clients were in no rush to leave! (As you may gather from the images…wink wink…)


The architect, Tom Brooking from Brooking Design, had a new and creative approach to constructing a sustainable building that is stimulating for the senses as well as remaining functional. I think the success of the project was evident when I observed the children and the way they interacted with the space. I guess it won’t be any surprise to you that Tom is a dad. His connection with children is definitely evident in this project.

To top it off, the Brooking Design Team’s hard work has definitely paid off. I have lost count of the awards it has won and together we make a wonderful team.

You only have to go online and see how many people have endorsed his design:



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