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Design*Sponge Project

15 July 2014

To be asked to work on a project is always an exciting moment. No matter where the images will end up, I never cease to find myself getting excited just about the act of creating a collection of photos.

Although, in this instance, Perth Stylist Kim Pearson presented an additional and exciting prospect for her upcoming project. To be Featured on the amazing Design Sponge blog as a feature article.

Having been given a wonderful book published by Design Sponge, by my dear friend and wonderful writer Maya Anderson from House Nerd, I was extremely familiar with the blog and knew what a wonderful opportunity it would be. But as my firm belief stands “never rest on your laurels”. I kept it to the back of my mind and was prepared for a huge job, lots of hours and amazing collaboration with Kim and Stylist Sophie The.

Well of course all the hard work and collaboration paid off because today Design Sponge published the completed story.

You can read all about it here: “100 Year Old House Becomes a Family Home in Australia”

It is always a pleasure to work alongside extremely talented professionals. I try never to be distracted by the possible exposure of my images in the future. This isn’t why I do what I do. I am a photographer because I love it! But I would be deceiving you, and myself, if I didn’t admit that in the back of my mind I like to dream. The artist in me always hopes that they will be loved and seen by many.


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Kim Pearson-7

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Kim Pearson-43

Kim Pearson-40

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