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Creativity…Use It or Lose It.

16 March 2016

So my last blog post was an extremely long time ago. Running a photography business and having two small children has proven to me that we all have a certain capacity in our week and I definitely met mine. Quite recently I was asked to step in and help a client, whose previous photographer had left them “high and dry” so to speak. These things happen so no need to go on about that, but I was asked one specific question and I would later find out it’s true depth. “Apparently you specialise in Interior Photography, is this correct?”

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I always approach my work and clients with no arrogance. Of course my answer was “Yes I do, how can I help?”. I smiled at myself later for always remaining humble when it comes to talking about my work and how I can help each client because, little did I know, I would be asked to photograph and international brand of Fine Furniture.

But don’t get me wrong, no job is too small for me. I have enjoyed photographing all kinds of work including a single artwork in-situ to a million dollar bed setting. It’s all apples and pears to me, excuse the statement Art School terms will never escape my psyche. The difference and magic lies in more subtle and spontaneous aspects of my jobs. The light I have to deal with, the backdrops I have to use, the client’s specific requests and then lastly the relationship I have with the clients. These all play a major role in my works success, and team work is how I like to “play ball”.





What is my point?

I have recently been reading the book Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert. I encouraged myself to look over my work of the past 10 years and suddenly Elizabeth’s message hit me but in a really good way. The way your Mum will pull you back from running towards a moving vehicle. Suddenly you learn the depth of previous conversations and lastly the action of being pulled back and it hits you. “Ahhhh that’s what she has meant all along”.

We are all creative in our own way. Our creativity finds us and decides to reside with us and it’s up to each individual to nurture it every day. I am tired of people saying to me ‘Oh you are so creative, I am not, not in any way.” I feel like shouting to the sky “YES YOU ARE!” I was always told by my teachers in highschool  I was stupid, that I wasn’t going anywhere. Well that was their opinion and like everyone in my class, I was creative in my own way. Just so happens that was photography.  So going to back my fine furniture client, I didn’t need to know it would be for an international, that isn’t what matters the most to me. What really makes a difference is that I am being creative in my work, no matter what I am working with. It’s when I am being creative that the most successful imagery is produced. May be there is some beautiful truth in what Elizabeth speaks of.